PhD studies at Montana State University provide the student the opportunity to create new optics and photonics technology and scientific results in a highly collaborative environment. Our graduates are working in industry, government labs, and academia around the world. Many of the Montana optics and photonics companies have been founded by our PhD graduates and we maintain a warm relationship with industry and government researchers. 

PhD research in optics and photonics can be pursued through any of these PhD programs: 

PhD students often earn the Optics & Photonics MS degree enroute to their PhD. A student can earn an Optics & Photonics MS enroute to a PhD in any of the three participating departments, but the Electrical Engineering PhD offers a particularly seamless path. 

Apply through the Graduate School page:

Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty to discuss research and funding opportunities prior to submitting their application.  For information on research opportunities in optics and photonics, visit the Optical Technology Center faculty webpage and the following research web pages for participating departments:  

For additional information, please contact: 
Michelle Leonti, Optical Technology Center Administration Manager, 
Prof. Joseph Shaw, Optical Technology Center Director,